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TIME TO DRAW THE LINE – Updated details

The Australia East Timor Friendship Association SA invites you to see the documentary film:


Official AETFA SA/Timor Sea Justice Campaign Launch

Time to Draw the Line - web pic

Learn about how Australia is stealing resources from Timor-Leste’s half of the Timor Sea and why this is a cause of great shame to many Australians.

The East Timorese suffered much because of their support of Australia during World War 2, up to a third of them were wiped out during the illegal and brutal Indonesian occupation while our leaders cooperated with the Indonesian military and now we are stealing the resources from this tiny neighbour which is the poorest in SE Asia.

Watch the trailer:

TIME:         7 pm
DATE:        Monday 20 February 2017 (UN SOCIAL JUSTICE DAY)
VENUE:     Capri Theatre
( 141 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood)

Also hear key speakers:

                    Janelle Saffin  – former ALP MHR for Page (NSW)
– adviser to the Timor-Leste Government
– a producer of Time to Draw the Line

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young  – Greens Senator for SA

Tickets:     to be purchased on line with Demand Film:                            

Cost:         $20 waged     $15 concession

Reserve your tickets by Sunday 12 February to ensure the screening goes ahead.  The screenings will be cancelled if the reserve quota is not reached

More information from:
Andy Alcock, Information Officer                   Bob Hanney, Secretary
Phone:    61 8 83710480                              Phone: 61 8 83443511
0457 827 014                                                0469 359199
Email:          Email:
                                       (Affiliated to the Timor Sea Justice Campaign)

(AETFA SA was originally the Campaign for an Independent East Timor SA until Timor-Leste’s Independence in 2002)


ALSO: Australian Greens Boothby branch screening of Time To Draw The Line:

Sunday 19 February, 4pm                                                                                                                    at Wallis Cinema Mitcham, Mitcham Square, 119 Belair Road, Torrens Park

Tickets at


It’s a surprising breakthrough, and one we’ve long called for together. Now you need to make your voice heard and sign the petition for a fair go for Timor.


This week, Julie Bishop announced that Timor and Australia would terminate a dodgy Timor Sea Treaty and begin negotiations for a permanent maritime border. This major shift presents new hope for the people of Timor – to get back what is rightfully theirs.

But if history is our guide, we need to keep the pressure up right now.

Please add your signature to our urgent petition demanding a fair approach to the negotiations

Sign the petition

It’s been a sorry story. For more than a decade, particularly under the Howard and Abbott Governments, Australia treated Timor with disdain. We withdrew recognition of international laws, used our disproportionate power as a wealthy nation, and even spied on previous  negotiations using bugs planted during an AusAid project. We bullied a  fledgling nation – and a dear friend – out of resources that are rightfully theirs. We cannot let our Government do it again.

The commitment this week from Minister Bishop is the first step in a long process, but it’s more promising than anything we’ve seen in the past.

While the new negotiations take place behind closed doors, Australians like you are determined to keep this issue in the spotlight. More than 200 supporters have funded this campaign, and thousands have pledged support. Together we can pressure Julie Bishop to adopt a foreign policy that we can be proud of. But it will only happen with your help – and your voice!

Sign the petition: Tell the Foreign Minister to negotiate a fair boundary halfway between Australia and Timor.

Ella & Tom
For the Timor Sea Justice Campaign

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