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Indonesian police chief: “I ordered to burn the civilian’s houses…”



Indonesian police chief: “I ordered to burn the civilian’s houses in Utikini village. This was deliberately done to trim the movement. I will annihilate them.” We have received more reports about the arrests, torture and burning of houses by the Indonesian police and military towards West Papuan civilians in Timika. According to an Indonesian police chief, over 1500 personnel have been mobilised to Timika to undertake this operation which has resulted in the burning of dozens of traditional West Papuan houses and the arrests of over 100 Papuan civilians.

This operation was conducted in order to try and crush pro-independence sentiment in Timika, West Papua. The only excuse given for the attack by the Indonesian police and military was that there were banners calling for an independence referendum found in the basement of a house.

Our people desperately need international support to help stop this genocide against us. There is so much you can do to help. Please visit the Take Action part of our website to find out how you can act to support us in out struggle for freedom from oppression and occupation.

Please hear our cries for freedom.

please we must get the Australian Government to listen more then ever we need to send a loud voice please share this cause and sign all petitions on this cause,Peace Soon!