Our East Timorese friends have recently experienced yet another crisis. In the aftermath of the Easter 2021 floods in Timor-Leste a number of people have died, many have been displaced or are missing and there has been widespread damage to homes and other buildings.

Tragically the death toll is thought to be more than 40 people and this is rising. In addition more people are still missing

There are currently more than 13,554 displaced people and many have lost their homes and possessions.

Aid organisations have reported that getting information from all the affected districts about the extent of losses is a problem because access to the internet can be denied for several hours a day. As a result, there are no accurate figures on the numbers of people left homeless or how widespread the damage to crops and livelihoods is.

Displaced people from Dili still continue to seek shelter across 92 refuges that have been established by government, military and churches. Food is still being cooked and delivered by the community to those seeking refuge.

Water in heavily flooded areas of Dili is finally starting to recede but the remaining houses and suburbs are filled with mud and debris. A mammoth clean-up effort is being led by members of the community. No coordinated government clean-up has been organised apart from the presidential buildings that have been affected.

Covid-19 Concerns: Timor-Leste health authorities fear that this tragedy may lead to an increase in the cases of Covid-19. which is disappointing because until the floods Timor-Leste had only 294 cases and no deaths. It now has 1074 cases and 2 deaths

The AETFA SA Committee has donated $Aus 1000 to the flood relief with $Aus 500 going to each Spend it Well and Care Australia. Both organisations are providing meals and relief for people who have been adversely affected by the floods.

The problems being faced by the East Timorese are going to be very demanding aside from those caused by the recent Indonesian occupation. Anything you can do to assist our neighbours who showed great support for Australia during WW2 would be greatly appreciated.


Please help by sending a donation direct to AETFA SA or choosing one of the charities below.

NOTE: If you want a tax deduction, you will need to pay direct to an organisation that gives tax deductions:

To donate directly to AETFA SA:

Pay on line to: Australia East Timor Friendship Association SA Inc.

BSB: 105 900 Account Number: 952 850 740

……then please email our treasurer Donald Barnes with details of your donation and contacts to receive your receipt:


SPEND IT WELL (Tax deductible)

Level 6 126 Wellington Parade
East Melbourne VIC 3002

Phone: (03) 9412 0412

ABN: 20 077 830 347

On line donations: https://donate.communityfoundation.org.au/spend-it-well

CARE (Tax deductible)

CARE Australia
GPO Box 2014
Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: 1800 020 046
Email: info@care.org.au

Or on line donations


Casmira dos Rosario of the East Timor Students Association SA has requested that AETFA SA also publicise the appeals being organised by Timor organisations that assist people with disabilities. These people have been badly affected and are in a more vulnerable situation than most.
DPOs: https://www.leprosymission.org.au/project/the-timor-leste-national-disability-awareness-project/

RHTO: https://dpo-rhto.wixsite.com/timor

Asosiasaun Deficiencia Timor-Leste ( ADTL): https://www.facebook.com/asosiasaundefisiensiatimorleste/


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